Russia's first 3D advertising

Image 3D video for the developer

First in Russia!

Ufa is the first city in Russia where, with our help, a creative advertisement with a live character in 3D format appeared in the city. Previously, this could only be seen in Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing!

A video featuring a brand ambassador is broadcast on a huge screen on the central street of the city.

Filming and development takes a very short time. From the moment the creative idea was agreed to the start of the advertising campaign, less than three weeks passed. The project is non-standard, filmed on special equipment in the large filming pavilion.

The 3D effect and maximum realism of the picture were achieved through the use of a special shooting technology with accurate calculation of angles and distances. The mathematical model made it possible to achieve a sufficiently large coverage radius of the video, where the viewer saw the 3D effect without special equipment.

We had to remember higher mathematics in order to create a construction that repeats in all proportions the building on which the media facade is located.
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