Naming and branding of hairdressing salons

In order for the chain of hairdressing salons to stand out among hundreds of other barbershops, our team made a bright branding: they came up with their own name, developed a new corporate identity.

Why Das Gut?

First, everything is clear, like the Germans. Well-established business processes allow masters to spend no more than 30 minutes on a haircut. This will significantly reduce the waiting time for the next client.

Secondly, only German equipment is used in hairdressing salons, which helps employees to be in good shape throughout the working day and not get tired even at the end of the shift.

Thirdly, Das Gut is an excellent value for money. Clients will be offered inexpensive haircuts at a fixed price.

Thanks to a non-standard visual solution in a strict German style, Das Gut hairdressers will organically participate in any area of ​​the city. And not only in one city, but also in many cities of the country. We have worked out a case that has every chance of becoming a popular franchise. Signage, interior solutions are thought out in such a way as to open new points in the shortest possible time.

We look forward to capturing the market and scaling the Das Gut network.
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