Discovery time

Tour operator branding

Our team has created a new corporate identity for the most Instagrammable, according to Marten Marketing employees, tour operator.

The company offers unique tours for those who like to discover unusual places, but with maximum comfort, without backpacks and tents. The feeling of "wow-effect" does not leave the guests of the "Time of Discovery" for a single day. All routes and locations are designed by professional photographers. You will see the world in a way that more than half of the travelers will not see it. You will discover Baikal, Yamal, Dagestan, Armenia, Georgia and Uzbekistan and many other destinations.

We were so impressed with the approach to organizing tours, the reviews of travelers who have already used the services of the tour operator, that we tried to reflect all our emotions in the new corporate graphics.

It turned out cool! So much so that now each of us wants to go on tour with Discovery Time and blow up our Instagram with incredible content. It remains only to adjust the vacation to the dates of the tours.
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