Brand book for industrial company

GURAY is an industrial company from Turkey, working with 40 countries around the world. We made a new brand book for this company.

The customer liked the old logo and brand name. But the visual image is outdated. Also, there was no unified system of corporate identity. Therefore, we have refreshed the logo design by simplifying the graphics. We reduced the number of embedded meanings and made the corporate identity modern.

Guray manufactures brass and polypropylene valves, fittings, taps. There are 1200 products in total. We tried to express this in a new brand vision.

We combined a drop of water hidden inside a capital letter and an arrow. The arrow sets the direction of the flow, the correct movement of water in the pipes, which is regulated using GURAY products.

This corporate style looks great both on small media (business documents, business cards) and on large ones (trucks, containers, facades).
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