Naming and packaging of components for household appliances

Gutten is a new line of accessories for the installation and subsequent operation of household appliances. Production is concentrated in Russia and the EU countries, and the naming, logo, corporate identity and original packaging were developed in Ufa — in the Marten Marketing agency.

As the main design element, we chose the "+" (plus) sign. So we tried to reflect not only the need to purchase the presented accessories, but also their positive qualities. In German, guten means good, glorious, reliable.

To make it as clear as possible for the buyer what he is buying, we, firstly, developed a package design for Gutten with an original cutting, and, secondly, placed an infographic on it, which gives a complete picture of how to use accessories correctly when connecting household appliances.

The visual component of the new corporate identity is limited to two colors: black and yellow.

We are sure that such a bright design will allow the line of accessories not only to stand out on the shelf, but will give a signal to the buyer: "Don't forget to buy Gutten".
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