Branding and naming of an engineering company

What is hidden behind the number 22 in advertising?

22 is a comfortable temperature for a person, the very balance when it is neither hot nor cold.

Therefore, when we did the rebranding, we encoded the number 22 in the new logo and corporate identity of INNOVAIR, which for many years has been helping people achieve that very balance by installing modern ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Among the clients of company are factories, factories, restaurants, shopping and fitness centers in different cities of the country. Therefore, it was necessary to create a business package that would help not only stand out from the background of a huge number of competitors, but also significantly increase the company’s income.

In the development of the brand, it was decided to abandon the usual white and blue color scheme, which is found in every second advertisement for air conditioners. They relied on turquoise and dark blue, developed an original font, which, in fact, became a new logo. It reads well in both horizontal and vertical formats.

The company already had a corporate character — the Yeti. We updated it, made it modern, kind, stylish and handy, like all INNOVAIR employees.
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