Branding of construction company

According to an ancient legend, an owl is the main keeper of happiness in the house. She diligently protects us from monetary losses and irrational investments. And of course, it is no coincidence that SOVA (Owl in russian language) has become a new brand of a developer.

The SOVA case is a great example of the basic corporate identity of a brand that we have been offering for several years for small and medium-sized businesses. This is quite a budget option for visual identification. It is also made by a professional team and contains logotype, brandbook and a lot of elements and details that are so necessary to organize sales and increase confidence in your new young brand.

The visual concept of the new Developer is based on the geometric silhouette of a owl. This simple and at the same time original element will allow the company’s brand to stand out from other developers in the region. According to the project, it is used and revealed literally everywhere: in advertising layouts, POS materials and posts on social networks. In the silhouette of the logo, a potential buyer can see both a skyscraper and an open front door to his new home.
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