Onlineservice branding

UMEU is an application for finding assistants and work. This is a great example of complex branding. Our team was engaged in the creation of brand platform, the definition of a unique strategic preposition, placement, naming, logotype, brandbook, corporate identity, and creatives for a digital advertising campaign.

UMEU is a personal assistant in your smartphone that allows you to quickly receive any task or find an order, whether it is cargo transportation or cleaning services.

The main difference between UMEU and other similar patterns is the balance of interests of customers and contractors. The first groups post assignments in any of 16 categories and 172 subcategories.

The second wide one for working out your profile: publishing cases, building a rating using completed tasks and reviews, the ability to set the possibilities of your location.

We have included uniqueness in the name and corporate identity that we have developed. The logo, stylized as the letter "U", symbolizes a handshake — a gesture that personifies the partnership between the customer and the contractor.
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