Branding and naming of smart lighting systems

"Let there be light, and there was light" — what will be the corporate identity of the company that specializes in automatic lighting technologies, and what will be the new brand name?

After a long search for a great brand name, the solution was found! We took as a basis a person who dreams that the house would read his mind. After all, we all want the lights to turn on and off, the kettle to boil itself, the laundry to be washed, and we could reach zen.

But someone reaches Zen in the room on a yoga mat, and someone goes to the refrigerator at night. To make it comfortable for both of them to achieve their goal, the new brand of UZENS offers to install an automatic lighting system in the house.

But we not only brought visual beauty in the brandbook and created an original naming, but also thought about how the packaging design of the automatic lighting system itself would look like. A package tube was ideal for LED lamps, for a controller and motion sensors — a stylish package box with additional elements.
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