VR arena branding

Russia, 2021. VR arenas are opening in many cities of the country. Residents of Moscow, Ufa, Samara, Volgograd, Perm and others are looking for salvation in the game of the virtual reality universe.

The developed quest throws you headlong into a crazy shootout, the participants of the game are waiting for a huge number of unexpected discoveries, dangers and twists of fate…

This could be a synopsis for a new Hollywood movie, but we thought that this opening would be perfect for our case!

YES VR is a new large-scale project by Marten Marketing, which took more than six months to complete. Together with the YES VR team, we went through all the main stages: brand platform, naming, creating a new logo and corporate identity, including the design of the VR arena.

Today YES VR is presented in the cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. The company plans to open points in the UAE, the USA and Europe.

We are confident that they will succeed!

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